Saturday, 9 April 2011

Friday 8th April 11

Mostly a good day, though it started badly but rapidly got better as I persevered with my parenting duties.

I had a visit from Vanessa who wanted some decorative logs for a ripped-out fireplace in her home.  Good to see her although she had no time to stop, or see the garden.

I did a bit more stuff outside and after lunch did a grand round trip, calling in on Space 109 for a quick chat, then delivering two carrier bags of jam jars to Claire, of Grace Preserves, and met one of her friends, Dani Mitchell who makes delicious vegan chocolate and dehydrated raw vegetable bars.

Then on to Pauline who had requested some sawing, and a chat, and in return, offered a fruit juice and ongoing friendship.  Then I delivered my next 5 bags of compost to Edible York at St Clements, only another 9 to go now!  I've delivered riddled compost this time as I think it's better quality, and I wasn't happy with the amount of plastic litter in the previous stuff.  And it's good to get the big mechanical sifter going and in use!

From here, came home and had a fairly nothingy evening apart from a nice phone call from Nomi, and a visit from Sue to buy a bit of dried fruit off me.  Oh, I had leek and potato soup which I made earlier, using Lynn's leeks. It was lovely!

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