Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Wednesday 3rd March 10

Quite a good day... had a lie in! But up at 10.30 and I got busy straight away as it was a nice day and I had an appointment at 2.30 at Jim's office, to learn how to edit Wordpress websites. I did emails first and then the washing up and recycling.

The visit to Semlyen IT went well... Jamie took me through the website and showed me how to do various things... I now have to go and play with the website and add things before we launch it to the unsuspecting public.

I came back via Country Fresh as Gill had asked me to try to get something which could help her make a costume for our youngest's World Book Day. He is dressing up as Ergum the Barbarian.

When I came back my eldest was arriving home and we chatted and then I helped him with some homework, just encouragement and one or two ideas, and the resulting piece of work was brilliant.

A very positive evening, what a relief!

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