Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Tuesday 16th March 10

Up early and got into St Nicks to talk to John about the talk on Thursday that I'm doing, entitled 'Extreme Composting'. I'd already emailed him with my plans, and he was happy with them, and I'm really looking forward to it.

I'd taken in a couple of sacks of greengrocer's 'resources' and my garden spade, and I completed the shovelling out of the old sawdusty compost from the main bay, and filled the second bay... and then started refilling the now empty bay with layers of sawdust/wood shavings from the pet shop and the veg from the veg shop. I did this for just over an hour, and left it tidy.

I got back in time to say bye to Gill who was heading into town, and I did more work outside as I was fed up with inside stuff. I finished riddling the enormous pile of sawdust... and have about 10 sacks of sawdust, 10 sacks of good-n-woody compost cover, and about 10 sacks of bark, twigs, sticks and other combustibles which I've stored in paper sacks to dry off and be ready for kindling next winter. I am very pleased that I've finished this job... and I celebrated by getting my chainsaw going again and chopping up some more logs. I also did some stacking.

I had a small tea and then cycled round to Tang Hall Community Centre to attend the Hull Road Ward Planning Panel. We had just one application, a small house in a newish mixed estate, wanting to double the size of the house. This generated a lot of discussion, and we eventually decided that we opposed the application, as it was 'over development' and would set a precedent which would mean that the estate would look completely different if more houses did what this one's owner wanted to do. I wonder if the planners will think the same as us?

I came back via the logpile and came back with three large willow logs.

I had two good phone conversations in the evening, one with the organiser of the Seed Swap, with a few questions and suggestions, and then from a trainee journalist researching freeganism, and wanting to come and see some of the things I get up to. I suggested he come on Saturday, and attend the Seed Swap, the Permaculture introductory talk, and then come with me to Country Fresh to see the collection. I'm well pleased... for him, as he'll meet quite a few people who like growing their own food, recycling and reusing, plus he'll see my input to the community.

So a happy day, very positive. I am happiest when I'm active and busy, and outside.

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