Thursday, 4 March 2010

Thursday 4th March 10

I got up early as the forecast was for a sunny day, and I got into the garden soon, and did a lot of compost tidying and riddling. Country Fresh has got rid of several carrier bags of my riddled compost, and Richard has asked me to supply some more. So I'm riddling a load more and will take it down to the shop tomorrow.

One of the builders bags had a youngish compost in it and this was absolutely teaming with worms. I put some of this material on the riddle (a sheet of chicken wire on a frame) and hand-picked the worms out, putting them into a polystyrene box with some bedding in. I could market these to help people re-stock their wormery or get a new compost bin going. I wonder how commercial worm farmers harvest their worms?

Gill and I both had an appointment in town after lunch, so Gill went on the bus and I cycled in.

I came back via the cycle track where some trees had been thinned and I brought back a trailer load of logs.

Before the light faded, I did another hour or so riddling and compost managenent.

In the evening I read a DEFRA consultation on the use of wild animals in travelling circuses, which is something I have a lot of interest in. The information about the consultation is all available on this page, and it finishes on 15th March:
It is important that this is read first:
The consultation required quite a bit of thought but I hope it has positive results, and that animal welfare improves.

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