Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tuesdat 23rd March 10

A day with several meetings. But I started the day by making up my muesli... organic muesli base, bought walnut pieces, bought sesame seeds, home grown pumpkin seeds, home made apple rings, chopped up, also chopped dried pears and chopped dried bananas. Yummy.

At 10.30, the man from BT came round and we discussed my Fiddlesticks advert in the BT Phone Book, and their fairly new service, a website and 'optimisation' with Google. Just after he left, I got a phone call from Thomson, who have provided the fewest leads over the past year. They will be ringing back as I didn't have time to talk to them. I'll be discontinuing my ad with them, I think.

Then I had a meeting in town, and then I went to the bank to transfer funds to Jim for building the website. We are just a few days from launching it now... well, maybe a week or two...

Then over to Sainsburys for mayonnaise, bread, cheese, and some of Gill's favourite vegan ice cream.

I picked up some wood on the way back, and two sacks from Freshways, and when I'd put the groceries away, I did some log manipulation... some stacking, chainsawing, splitting and more stacking.

Then it started raining so I put things away and came in... lots of assorted paperwork and emails to sort out.

A reasonable day, enjoyed the cycling the most.

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