Saturday, 13 March 2010

Saturday 13th March 10

Got up early and after breakfast I did an hour of work in the front garden.

I had arranged to meet Tomoko at 11.30 at the station so I bombed down there and we spent the rest of the day exploring York... it's great showing somebody around as you learn lots about your own City.

We had a small lunch at El Piano, and a coffee somewhere else. We went round the Minster, and for the first time I went down to the Undercroft and Crypt... absolutely brilliant, learning about the previous buildings on the site, from a secular Roman one to a Norman (I think) large church, replaced by the Medieval Minster. We went to Barley Hall, Clifford's Tower, Shambles, watched street entertainers.. all sorts.

At 6 I cycled home and found the family happy after playing in the garden (Gill had worked hard clearing up some of my mess too) and so she was happy for me to accept Tomoko's offer of taking me for a meal at 7.30.

We went to a pizza place and I had a really nice mushroom and olive pizza, we shared a salad and had a desert course too. What a treat.

Home soon after 10pm... bearing a couple of pallets I found on the way home!

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