Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Monday 8th June 09

A relatively slow start to the day but awaiting our friend Justin coming round to look at a malfunctioning plug socket, one of the rocker switches has been, on occasion, not switching off.. so definitely time to replace it.

Moving some furniture to allow access meant doing some cleaning, and I lit the stove to do a large pile of washing up. I also blanched about 5 bags of grapes and put them on the tray balanced on the pan of washing up water to dry. So a quite domestic day.

We did spend quite a bit of time with the Euro Election results, which in the UK at least are quite disturbing. Glad our two Greens were re-elected, very unhappy that the electorate in two areas think that the British National Party are worth voting for. Do they not realise that these people are Nazis? Griffin has even been convicted and put in Jail for racist activity! I am ashamed that the people of Yorkshire and Humberside have voted in Andrew Brons (there's a Teutonic name!) and he doesn't represent my views. Not In My Name!

I did a little bit of stacking and hedge cutting then shredding before going out to see the first showing of The End of the Line at City Screen. This was quite disturbing. As I don't eat fish, and haven't for 25 years, I feel I'm doing my bit to stop the devastation of our oceans... but there is a lot more I could be doing. One thing I'll do is to write a review for my Community Care blog... I haven't written a blog for them for 2 or 3 weeks so it's about time to do one!


Heinrich said...

Typical from a left wing scrounger like you. Just remember that the BNP MEPs have been voted in democratically. This is not a dictatorship, it is a democratic country. Just as you are free to do no work whatsoever and live off the state, so others are free to vote for whom they choose.

Compost John said...

I don't usually publish comments like this but I felt I wanted to answer.

Firstly, I don't consider myself a scrounger as I work and pay tax. I am left wing though, so you're correct there!

I agree that the election was an attempt at some sort of democracy, and although the type of proportional representation used here isn't perfect, it does allow minorities like the BNP and the Greens to get elected. I agree that this is a more democratic country than some.

I don't understand why you think I do no work... have you actually read my diary? I don't have to work very much as I don't spend much and don't need to earn very much. I don't ask for high fees as I'd rather get more work and bring more happiness to more kiddies, rather than do fewer gigs and try to extract more money per event. I'm not a good businessman/capitalist and I'm not out to earn as much money as possible. If I wanted to do this I'd have become an EHO, which my training would have allowed me to do. But I earn enough to pay income tax, and pay it willingly and on time.

We are free to vote for who we want, so long as an apprpriate person/party stands. I voted Green but the system used meant my vote did not translate into representation. Had some of the independents and tiny-minority parties not stood, my party might have got in. Had a bigger percentage of the population voted, the result might have been different. We'll never know. I can live with the way things are, and I'm not the sort of person to throw eggs at BNP MEPs.

What I object strongly to is the POLICIES and BELIEFS of the BNP. I have read some of their literature and I don't like it. I feel that their approach is divisive, homophobic, disablist and racist, and some of the candidates are climate change deniers. I find it disturbing that one in ten of those that bothered to vote voted for them.

None of the people elected in Yorks and Humberside represent me and my views. They may represent people in this region, but this election failed me.

I hope that all the MEPs work hard at getting a more just, sustainable society implemented, with equal opportunities for people regardless of sex/gender, orientation, ethnicity, belief and earning ability!

And, Heinrich, I wish you well too; I hope your anger and upset subsides and you don't feel too inflamed by this response. Bet you thought I wouldn't publish!

Compost John said...

Hello Heinrich, I wonder if you are subscribed to follow-up comments?
Well, you may be interested to know an amazing co-incidence! One of Andrew Brons' great grandfathers had the same name as you!
My hunch that Brons is not a British name was correct, as Andrew has lots of 'foreign' blood, not that it matters of course, he is a human being like all of us...

You might like to take a peek at this research:
but don't tell the BNP as they'll surely lynch him, despite Brons's parentage not being his 'fault'.

All the best Heinrich!