Saturday, 6 June 2009

Friday 5th June 09

Gill woke me up at 9.30 saying 'aren't you supposed to be somewhere at ten o clock?' and I told her that it was tomorrow that I had the all-dayer as a York Rotter at Askham Bryan, and today only had evening stuff. She came to bed and relaxed, and fell asleep. I got up and did some moving things around in the garden, lit the stove, did washing up and other bits and pieces.

I went into town as I had two complaints from yesterday's election: some illegal Labour Party activity outside a polling station, and the cock up with my receiving Charles's ballot paper and Charles also getting one. So I went to speak to the person in charge of the York Electoral Office, who invited me to put the complaints in writing, also went to my building society and bank, and to Sainsburys.

Gill did a load of lawnmowing before it rained, and I did a load of riddling compost as Richard had requested some more compost at the shop, I took 8 carrier bags down in the trailer and collected a bag and a box of not-yet-composted stuff.

The evening was really good, Critical Mass, A film by the World Development Movement, and a Reggae night Green Party Fundraiser. Got back at midnight...

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