Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday 7th June 09

Nice and lazy morning as the boys were in a good frame of mind because their friend slept over and they all play nicely together... most of the time. Also, Gill made them pancakes for breakfast.

Spent quite a bit of the morning writing, and thinking through last night's experiences.

So a good day, I did a load of work in the garden, including cutting some hedge with shears and then spending half an hour shredding, as the cuttings were quite long and woody. I also did some log stacking, compost heap building, and visited Country Fresh. The two sacks I got from there I took around to Lynn's as she has a dalek bin which is a bit on the dry side, and it really needed a load of fruit and cabbage leaves... which it got, a nice thick layer of wet nitrogen-rich stuff!

Later on in the evening I potted up another cucumber plant which really didn't need to spend a night outside, especially as it has two tiny flowers on it with millimetre-long cucumbers behind them... so it's now in the warmer conservatory in a big pot of rich mix...

More telly in the evening, depressing right-wing gains. Concentrated on preparing fruit for drying. That's local activism.... reducing landfill, making yummy dried fruit out of something which had been thrown away!

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