Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday 14th June 09

Early start as due to be picked up by Maggie, a facepainter also booked for today's gig who is driving across to Beverley, so she was happy to pick me up... I was ready by 8.45 and we were there before 10, with the event due to start at 11am.

The event was an Armed Forces Day; 'A free family event celebrating Our Armed Forces - past, present and future'. Not really my cup of tea! I provided a non-military alternative, circus workshops and balloon model animals. I ignored the stuff going on around me, and worked with the children, who, of course, have no say over what their parents do or take them to. I personally feel that this country spends too much on our army, navy and air force, and they are hardly a 'low carbon' part of our economy! I do appreciate that members of the forces can help out in emergencies both in this country and abroad, but the offensive warmongering we wage in other countries is difficult for me to be positive about. I'm sure there is a green alternative, but I'm no expert and would refer people to the Green Party Peace and Defence Policy as a starter.

I enjoyed the day, despite the meaty BBQ smells, military songs (although I found if weird that between the live music, The Beatles and Paul McCartney songs were played!) and the heat. I had a coffee Mocha in CAFFE NERD and this helped, alongside copious tap water brought from home. I worked from 11 til 4.30, with 20 minutes for lunch and one 15 minute break mid afternoon. I was kept company by a familiar character, 13 year old C, who is very keen on me/what I do and was with her friend, a couple of years younger, and they wanted to do everything all the time. I was happy to oblige them, and they had loads of goes on devilsticks, unicycle and trying to juggle.

Was back just before 6, exhausted, and ready for the noodles, veg and cashew nuts which Gill had prepared for tea.

A snoozed in front of the telly after tea... almost unheard of... when do I ever fall asleep before 2am? But woke at 9ish and wrote my blog, dealt with emails and half-watched Dr Alice Roberts discovering ancient humans in the Americas.


Reg Denke said...

All the staff at Caffe Nerd send you their kindest regards.

Reg Denke

Compost John said...

I just loved this caffenerd website, what a hoot! I'm glad I'm not the only person who reads the last o as a D!
Do check out the website
(copy this and paste it into the top bar on your page, or search for caffe nerd and click on a link)
and ensure you have a good look through it, including 'Staff (private)' and 'Don't Contact Us'

Gill laughed out loud with some of the stuff!

Nice one Reg.