Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Tuesday 23rd June 09

Quite a good day, although up earlier than I would have liked... but not a bad thing as I had a Doctor's appointment at 9.40, so bombed round there, and after that went to Sainsburys which is very near. Got back on the dot of 11, which is what time I told Sarah, a PhD student, I'd be available from. I rang her and she arrived fairly soon. She's researching the individual actions that people are making to reduce their climate change impact, and all the people she's spoken to have said 'you must speak to John'!

I chatted with her, gave her a tour of the garden and then, over a freegan tea, chatted some more. She recorded everything and got me to fill in a few forms too. Quite enjoyable. Glad to be able to help.

After a late lunch I did some paperwork... sorting through a big pile of paper and putting some of it for firelighting and some for recycling, just a couple of bits to keep for my records. I got together the Planning Panel paperwork, ready for this evening's meeting.

Gill made tea, pasta-based and perfectly acceptable. The Hull Road Ward Planning Panel meeting started off badly. I arrived at Tang Hall Community Centre and the bike rack had two bikes occupying two slots at one end, ad four bikes all together at the slot at the other end. Then there was one bike chained up at right-angles to the 'proper way round', obscuring the remaining 3 slots. I called out to the children playing and asked if the bike belonged to anyone. One boy said yes, it was his. I asked him to put the bike in the slot so I could put mine in too, and he refused. I said that if he didn't move it, I would, as I could see I would be able to put it behind the stand by turning it upside-down. The bike was not unlocked and moved so I did move it myself, and one of the children went inside to 'tell'. The playleader came out and started to tell me off, but fortunately Carolyn had seen the whole thing play out and interjected, saying that I had asked politely to start off with and it was actually the bike owner who was at fault.

The boy who indicated that he was the owner turned out to be a liar... the real owner was inside the building, and when told to come outside to unlock and move his bike, he did. Grudgingly. The liar got a talking to from the playleader and was made to apologise to me.

Anyway, after this hiccup, the meeting went well. Just four of us there. Got a lot done, much good humour.

I got home at 7.50 and did some work in the front garden, hand-sawing a load of planks.

During the evening I discovered a whole composting subject I knew nothing about; the use of Black Soldier Flies as agents of composting. See this blog for more info!

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