Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Wednesday 28th May 08

A day working... after breakfast I did my paid blog, on my favourite subject, composting. Tomorrow the Community Care magazine is publishing my latest column which is on gardening, and to go with that I have a brief why and how with home composting. It just took an hour to put together. After this I had a very brief shower and got my stuff together to go to Pocklington to the POP Club, an out of school club.

I had to walk to Thief Lane to get the bus, which was a service which went through Heslington, not up Hull Road. I had already contacted the bus company about taking my unicycle on the bus... there's apparently a rule which says 'no bicycles on the bus' and on at least one occasion I've been refused onto the bus because the driver has seen the unicycle and thought it was a bicycle. So this time I rang the bus company and asked about bringing the unicycle... and fortunately, I was allowed. So when the bus came to the stop opposite the Retreat, I was suprised to be handed a large black plastic bin bag and told to put the unicycle in that, and take the saddle off! Fortunately the bag was big enough to go around the 36 inch wheel and I didn't take the saddle off (it is really difficult to take off and on anyway) and the driver didn't make a fuss. I remained extremely polite, and when we got to Pocklington, I thanked him for his help.. he didn't want the bag back.

My host was waiting for me to take me to the school where the POP Club was, and all the kiddies were very excited about my visit. I got changed and did my one-hour show, then two half-hour workshops, then the balloon show, finishing on the dot of 5pm. The bus back was at 5.45ish and the driver didn't comment at all about my unusually shaped luggage.

Home nice and quickly, Gill had made tea... stew and dumplings, and I had a quiet evening including a good chat with K and enjoyable 'Ideal', just as surreal as ever.

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