Monday, 5 May 2008

Monday 5th May 08

A really fantastic day, didn't get downstairs until 10am when Gill had finished with me... and then did some washing up whilst looking out at flowers and lovely greenery behind the house. Did a quick email download and then went out to take a large load of finished compost down to school to start off the 'growing in containers' project. It is to be mixed 50:50 with soil and will then be put in the containers ready for the children to plant stuff in...

So took 6 sacks down before lunch and 6 down after, plenty to get mixed up with ordinary soil, laid them out on a large sheet to dry off a bit so they can be picked over and the non-compostable things removed, and the larger compostable things out for recomposting. Had a good chat with one of the school's neighbours, Gill, about some of the plans for the area.

Then went to the lottie and took out a huge pile of dandelions and clumps of grass, weeded the asparagus plot and planted 3 rows of potatoes.

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