Monday, 19 May 2008

Monday 19th May 08

Oh bliss, I slept through the early morning stuff, Gill took the lads to school without any problems at all, and then came back to bed, waking me up in the process, which was just the best way to be woken up!

Got up at 10 and breakfasted and disappeared into the garden, coming back in for lunch.

A quiet afternoon, doing jobs around the house and in ther conservatory, seedlings needing management etc.

I went to the lottie just before going to school and picked some leeks for tea, and then picked the boys up.

Had tired nutloaf for tea with a leek sauce, then zoomed into town for a meeting with the organisers of the York Freeze which is happening next Tuesday, May 27th, in Parliament Street. Several groups of people, and individuals, will be randomly near the fountain at middayish, and will all at the same time become still for 3 minutes.... a sort of art installation thingy. It is to raise awareness of volunteering. We watched the youtube vid of the New York Feeeze in a railway station, very effective, and then the much smaller Bristol Freeze, filmed partly by my friend Chevvy. We discussed tactics and how we would know when to freeze and to unfreeze, got this all worked out.

This meeting lasted an hour, and I then came home via Anna's where there are still twigs and stuff to pick up, so brought a load home and put them through the shredder when I got back.

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