Sunday, 18 May 2008

Sunday 18th May 08

An excellent day, children on good form, and a really good gig near Hull.

I was getting ready to go when my parents arrived on their way to a garden open, but I had to go and get the midday train. I wrote my column for Community Care on the train between York and Brough... just took 40 minutes and when I counted my words, it came to 347... my limit is 350!

So got to Brough near Hull and was picked up by the dad and the two children and we went to South Cave to the family centre next to the church. Their Granddad was blowing up 'rocket balloons' and letting the children let them go, something I sometimes do in my balloon show, so I knew that would be something I couldn't do... but it set the scene for lots of fun, and both my shows went down a storm, so much so that they gave me an extra fee on top of my agreed fee.

There was quite a wait before my train home so had a pint at the pub near the station, and a good chat with a couple of locals.

So a satisfying day, and Gill and the boys had had some fun too.

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