Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Tuesday 13th May 08

An excellent day... took the kiddies to school and then went to the station to get a train to Sheffield.

Ali met me at Sheffield Station at 10.20 and we went on the tram back to her house where we spent most of the day. Lots of talk about eco/ethical issues... we met at the Green Fair last year and then I entertained at her daughter's birthday last month. A good friendship has ensued.

We went to her daughter's school to pick her up and I had tea there before getting a 6pm train back to York, sso I could attend the CRAG meeting.

I went to the Black Swan and eventually several other CRAGgers arrived and I facilitated the meeting.

Back home at 11pm and was very tired, so didn't do any emailing or anything on the computer... just flopped and chatted to Gilly.

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