Thursday, 15 May 2008

Thursday 15th May 08

A good morning as I was able to come down and assist in helping to put one of my boy's socks on... he hates socks and often removes them angrily once they are on... not sure why this is, but hay, we're all different! So Gill was able to take them to school and I then got a phone call from Jo saying she was in the area and was in a motor vehicle and could collect some compost if I had any spare. Do I have spare compost? Hahahahahahaha what a silly question!

So I quickly got dressed and had a quick bowl of cereal and then Jo came, and we had a cuppa, and Gilly joined us for a good chat prior to us going to get some sacks of compost, which Jo drove away by about 10am

Gill and I then went to do some work in the garden... Gill sowed carrots and sweetcorn whilst I weeded and loaded up a compost bin with Alkanet and Ground Elder... thugs of plants!

Came in for 1pm lunch and watched the news, dreadful scenes of the aftermath of the Chinese earthquake, and then did some emailing etc. Some people at school want to see if they can break the world record for the longest daisy chain, so I googled it but couldn't find any details... although did start to register with the Guinness World Records website until Gill talked me out of it... suggesting a better idea was to have a sponsored daisy chain or a 'pay 20p to join in the daisy chain making' type of thing... it has to be a fun/fundraiser for Green Thumbs gang, so when I go to school I'll relay the info to Julia and see what she says!

Had a phone call from Environmental Health about the foreign object in the bread roll (27th March) saying a full investigation had been done but no trace of any metal missing on machinery, and all the systems within the factories were found to be acceptable, so it remains a mystery.

Green Thumbs went well. My group planted modules of spinach, lettuce and spring onions in big tubs. Some other children made labels and planted pumpkin seeds and various other stuff. A successful hour...

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