Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Wednesday 5th March 08

A good start to the day. There were no angry noises from downstairs and the children went to school with no hassle at all, a very pleasant surprise.

We pottered around til 10.30 and then went to our parenting class, which was good as we did our biogs... Gill first and then me. Gill told the group about a book she had as a child which she treasures, and her 'clear blue' pregnancy test (she's kept it!!!) which told her about her first pregnancy at age 43. I did about my devilstick and how it was one of the first things which really grabbed my attention and subsequently became my way to earn a living, and through that I met some unusually behaved children who were labelled with ADHD, and this alerted me to the possibility that I might have a named developmental/behavioural difference, which has led to me being told by the ADHD specialists that I don't have that but probably have Aspergers with Hyperactivity.... and I'm now awaiting an assessment with Autism experts. Knowing more about my condition has been very comforting and helpful. Then I spoke about my recycling activities and showed the group some compost made from waste fruit and veg and some dried fruit.

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