Saturday, 8 March 2008

Saturday 8th March 08

Quite a good start to the day but a simple disagreement between the boys developed into a huge angry outburst which resulted in a mug getting broken. But I had to get ready and go to the Fair Trade Festival which I'd said I'd go to support as Professor Fiddlesticks and do an hour of entertainment for free. But I went with a heavy heart, it's difficult to be jolly and funny when you're depressed.

So arrived in town at about 10.30 and met up with two of the organisers Richard and Sarah and very soon the Lord Mayor and her posse arrived, and we had our photo taken.

Then I did an hour and a half of circus and balloons, a mix of juggling and devilsticks and unicycle, with balloon models being given to the younger ones. Had quite a good time, and was pleased to meet an old friend called Robin, whom I met whilst at Leeds Metropolitan University doing Environmental Health... who's now doing Health and Safety at North Yorks County Council.

I finished at 12.15 and came home via the fruit shop, told Richard I'd come by later when I was coming back from Foxwood, where I had wanted to go to get my bicycle microchipped. However when I arrived home Gill and our youngest were in tears because of the other difficulties going on. Gill asked me not to go to Foxwood. So I had lunch and things calmed down, and so to distract away any further crap behaviour, she took them to town to use a book voucher. I reluctantly let them go, and I just felt like going to bed and crying.

However things got better and I perked up a bit during a quick Skype chat (thanks K!) and then the family came back with a pile of books and some lego, which kept them occupied and happy. I went out to split some logs, tidy up sawdust for my compost loo, put sacks of sticks away before it rains and also did some composting and weeding, getting in at 5.30, feeling much happier as this kind of busyness is just what I need to keep me sane in a difficult world.

I had a simple pasta and tomato/leek/bean tea... and was delighted to see the Press had published the article about my Oxfam competition win, with a lovely photo of me next to a logpile.

My dear friend Mary M. rang me up and congratulated me, which was lovely as we have a mutual admiration relationship as I really appreciate her work with projects like York Fanteakwa Link and various other things connected with developing countries, poverty etc etc.

The boys had a good evening with near perfect behaviour, and once they were in bed, Gill and I had a good game of Scrabble, a tough one which Gill just won by 7 points. Made her feel a lot better...

I went on the Press website to see what had been said about the article and posted a reply to correct some misaprehensions and thank supporters...

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