Monday, 17 March 2008

Monday 17th March 08

A good day, on the whole. I took the boys into school with minimum resistance, although the youngest refused to cycle so I gave him a lift on my pannier rack.

Did a bunch of paperwork in the morning, for the Student Loan Company, asking them to again defer the repayments I incurred in 1992, 3 and 4 as I do not earn enough to fall into their 'repay now' category. However they need lots of proof that I'm on a low income, which is a bind. But better than having to pay it back.... and anyway, I believe that education should be free and I don't agree with loans.... and my Environmental Health degree has not got me anywhere or earned me any money!

And so to some housework and other stuff, sorting out various bits and bobs.

I got the children and then went to Martins Country Fresh for a few vegetables and the customary sack of compostables. Also did some chainsawing to make the front more tidy as my neighbour has complained that the logs look untidy. I made no comment about his car looking ugly to me, for what it represents and what it is capable of doing. I just listened and promised to try to tidy up a bit...

At 7.30 I attended a meeting at the Deramore Arms in Heslington with a fairly large group of the Green Thumbs gang.... to discuss the structure of the project, who does what and when things happen.... a good meeting.

Back at 10pm and tried on various outfits Gill had got together in order that I look smart for going to London and meeting the MPs. Watched some TV with her and then had a go on the computer but Gill felt rather alone so I came off untill she wanted to go to bed and I came to finish off the Green Thumbs emailing and complete this blog....

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