Thursday, 6 March 2008

Thursday 6th March 08

A good day... only a little fighting this morning.... but before we set off, the fighter calmed down which was good. Gill and I sighed a big sigh of relief when I got back....

I had a pile of CRAG leaflets to deliver plus the press release to the Press and Radio York... so I went to the Press first and talked to a reporter about the CRAG meeting and the Oxfam competition. Then went up to CVS to put a poster up there, and then to the Council office on North Street, and on to the library which was shut for staff training, which was a disappointment. But on to the St Leonard's Council office and Radio York, Miller's Yard, where I had a good conversation with Claire's grandmother... and then St John's College, Sainsbury's notice board and then Morrisson's notice board. So lots of cycling round and giving out publicity.

Back for lunch... Gill was in town by this time, so I did my emails and had a lot to read.

Gill came in just before 3 but I went to pick up the youngest and very soon after coming back, went to pick up the older one who had enjoyed his drama class.

I had sandwiches for tea and at about 7.30 went out to Fibbers, where there were four bands on, including my favourite band 'The Falling Spikes' who were supporting a Californian band called Dead Meadow. When I arrived there was a pretty grungy outfit called Mantra, too loud, then the Falling Spikes went on and they were excellent.... despite sound problems as they'd not had time to have a soundcheck, but they only had half an hour. Then Youthmovies came on... from Oxford, but they were not as trippy or flowing, they were quite jangly and stop-start and I wasn't into them. Finally, the headline Dead Meadow came on and I went down to the front, and they weren't that special, certainly not as good as the Falling Spikes, so after a couple of tracks I went to the back and sat on the sofa.... and after another couple of numbers I decided to go home. So once again, my favourite band stole the day!

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