Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Wednesday 26th March 08

An early start as the Everest people are here to do the front and back doors...
We had a family conference about what the boys wanted to do, and as someone had to stay in to supervise the door chaps, Gill and the boys went to the National Railway Museum.

Everest were here from 9am to just before 4pm, drank 8 cups of coffee between them and got two doors installed. Excellent! We now have a warmer home as the old front door, which was leaking heat, has been replaced by a sealed one. Also more secure.... all good!

Gill and the boys came back soon after the fitters went and I went to the Co-op to get some provisions as they'd had a good day at the NRM.

During the evening Gill and I enjoyed watching a telly programme about a woman who was experimenting with smoking dope, in Amsterdam. It was quite entertaining and educational.

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