Friday, 28 May 2010

Friday 28th May 10

Spent most of the morning writing. I did two Press Releases, one for the York World Naked Bike Ride and the other for the forthcoming website launch.

In the afternoon I cycled down to town to get some train tickets for next week, and then went to Boots to see if they had a replacement beard trimmer lead. They didn't, but the assistant gave me the phone number of Remington, who make the trimmer... and when I got home I rang them and was given another number for 'Shaver Spares'. So I rang them...and they didn't have a lead either.

On the way back from town I popped into Country Fresh and Martin was happy to load me up with several boxes and bags of stuff gone mouldy... so after phoning Shaver Spares, I did a lot of compost heap building. I spent quite a bit of time riddling compost too, as the shop needs re-stocking so I filled about 15 carrier bags with good fine rich compost. I'll take it down tomorrow. I might go to town again and see if E.Roy has a charging cable for the trimmer.

So, a quiet day.


Anonymous said...

Hi John

Why not try this

Love c

Compost John said...

Cheers C, I rang this company and they spent some time looking for a lead for my model.. and no joy.

However, it is possible to use a 240v ac to 3v dc converter, and I think my friend Ben is on the case.

I'll report back if he comes up with the goodies.