Friday, 21 May 2010

Friday 21st May 10

A late start to the day, not surprising since I was up til 3am. It is a constant question as to why I am nocturnal if left to my own devices.

But once I was up, I had a busy day... a teeny bit of woodchopping, planting out beans and squash, preparing a bit more growing medium, compost heap adding, also several phone calls, a pile of emails, letters to answer.

I went down to the Cemetery at about 2.30, to get some photos, and as I'm essentially a polite and law-abiding person, I asked in the office, where one of the team was working. She explained that taking photos in such a sensitive place as a cemetery wasn't really allowed without permission, and the Warden was back on Monday. This meant I couldn't take any today as I need to discuss it with the Warden, and explain why I want the images.

So, onto Alligator, to pick up a week's worth of compostables, and then to Richard to buy groceries and then his compostables. Unfortunately I put the bag with fruit, veg and eggs in my pannier and then as I was loading the 'resources' into the trailer the bike fell over. When I got home, I found two eggs were broken. It's not often I waste food.

Then home, in time to be there for our eldest to get let in before Gill came in with our youngest, who's school is further away.

I went to an appointment with my GP at 5pm, calling in on Oxfam for a big tub of Cafe Direct fair trade coffee. When I had my bike crash a few days ago, I continued moving forward as my bike stopped, and I banged my groin onto the handlebar stem. Then a day or two later I found a lump in the same place, which Gill thought might be a hernia or a burst blood vessel, so I went to wave it at my Doctor. Also, my lipoma on my forehead is getting bigger and about two people a week ask me "Have you bumped your head?", and at a meeting recently, I noticed one of the other participants looking at it quite a lot. That was a bit offputting and annoying. I think I know how it feels when men talk to a woman's cleavage (well, a bit). The lump wasn't a hernia and I've got to go back if it's not gone in a month. The lipoma could be removed but as it would be considered cosmetic surgery, it won't be done on the NHS and I'd have to go privately. Not sure what to do. I'll get a referral to a plastic surgeon who will tell me what could be done and how.

A bit later when at home again, I picked a lovely little bunch of Oyster mushrooms from a log which I had nearly given up on... it has some other fungi in it, but the Oyster mycelium has grown through the soil from one of the first logs I inoculated, which has (I think!) finished fruiting, but the same strain is now growing from this other log. It had 3 clumps on it, so I picked the biggest and I'll take some photos of the other clumps when they are a bit more mature.

Here's the clump I picked today:

And here's me looking happy with the crop:

I know what's for tea tomorrow!


oddny said...

We haven't had any luck with ours at all:-( I think it's been far too hot and the logs have dried out too much.
Our bees are thriving though :-)
Best wishes

Compost John said...

Hi Oddny, I know that mushroom growing can be a bit hit or miss. The most successful logs, including the one which produced this, is in an area which gets no sun as it's North facing and is pretty sheltered from the wind. Thus the logs never dry out and the mycelium runs brilliantly.

However, I do have problems with slugs, and they LOVE the Shiitake which grows on the huge 100+ kilo oak shoulder which I only just managed to get home on my bike trailer. When the new shrooms appear, they can eat out the bud, so nothing grows... and if they miss that stage, they'll eat whatever they can get. So when I've got Shiitake growth, I regularly go and check that log in the evening and into the night, to murder any marauders.

Don't give up on your fungus cultivation, and choose your situation carefully.

As for bees, I'd love some and have offered space for someone to set their hive up, but so far, no takers. Glad yours are doing well.


Anonymous said...

Parents comment: you should be able to get your lipoma done on the NHS, surely, .. ask to go on the waiting list, or query this decision with someone?