Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wednesday 6th May 09

Woke at 7.30 and soon got up to help get things ready for a quick getaway for Ali to take her daughter to school and me to get the tram and train back to York. I got the 8.54 and was back home by just after 10, enough time to get washed and scrubbed up ready for my Fiddlesticks gig today.

I took the 11.38 train to Malton and walked up to Norton to meet Tony, who's an NLP practitioner. This was an interesting gig as I don't often teach one-to-one and not often adults. And he wasn't learning the skills because he had a particular interest in circus skills, but he wanted to use them in his NLP work. Neuro Linguistic Programming is used by people to (usually) achieve more in their business or personal lives. It is based on modelling what successful people do, and those things are identified and can be used by others who wish to improve something, overcome something, or learn something new. Tony also told me about a number of other things he's it was very interesting.

I caught the 3.10 train back to York, and popped in to Country Fresh, but Richard was off and so Martin the shop owner (Richard's brother) gave me the compostables, two sacks and a box.

Good to see my family. All was well and happy. Decided not to go out to the Cafe Scientifique, but spent the evening preparing fruit and chatting on Facebook.


James said...

I assume you've seen this.

Compost John said...

Thanks James, looks like a good un, the 'Freeconomy Community'
I'll be exploring this soon!