Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tuesday 26th May 09

What a treat, a lie-in til maybe 9am! Maybe our children are heading towards teen-dom, when late mornings will be the norm? In fact, I was up first, at about 9, and our youngest appeared on the landing as I came out of the loo. They are usually up much earlier!

A very happy family day... the boys played on the computer for most of the morning and I did too (of course I don't play! I work... allegedly!) and after lunch Gill walked into town with them as they are outgrowing shoes and wanted to get more computer games.

I made a risotto using the method I watched Beth do the other day... similar anyway. I fried onions, celery and garlic in the big pan on the woodstove, then added chunks of courgette and butternut, raw (Beth baked hers first) and when that was all softened, added red pepper paprika, bouillon, sage, then rice and boiling water and simmered it for 25 minutes. I also dry-cooked a load of home-produced pumpkin seeds so they popped and puffed up, then added a load of spinach beet or chard chopped leaf, which wilted down and was served as a side dish to the rice.

I went in the garden and planted beans, peas and squash in the radiator bed, some calabrese and cauliflowers in the raised beds, did some composting and weeding, then did a load of riddling and made up some growing media and potted up peppers and cucumbers in the conservatory.

The family came in and I fed them. Well, they fed themselves, but I put food on their plates.

I relaxing evening, watched a programme about the interesting 47 million year-old fossil primate which is a link to our pre-human past.

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