Thursday, 14 May 2009

Wednesday 13th May 09

Up early, well, 8ish... and had a busy morning. Did loads out in the garden, but also some bits and bobs inside. I emptied two compost bins... one was a 'ready to riddle' bin, next to one which has just about filled up. So when the finished one was empty, and in about four sacks, I used the Compost Mate tool to take the fresher rotting stuff out and shake it into the maturing bin. This separates the compacted together layers and allows a new period of decomposition to take place. I put some of the mature stuff straight through the riddle, and put the uncomposted sticks and stuff which wouldn't go through the riddle (and a large number of worms!) back in the base of the empty compost bin, which will help with drainage and provide a good bank of beasties to get to work on the new material I put into it...

I used my huge ladder to put a wire around the top of an upside-down tree which I am using to grow beans up... last year, they got up as far as the main trunk but as this was too wide, they couldn't curl round it. So, this year, they should be able to find their way to the top by using a spiralled wire which I've attached at the top, middle and bottom. I found some Yams (Angela's Cinnamon Vine) beginning to sprout in the raised bed I was clearing, so transplanted them to under the upside-down tree, where they will scramble up it. I dug up some invasive raspberries and hopefully will be able to get these to Chad at St Nicks who I seem to remember wanted some.

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