Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Monday 4th May 09

Bank Holiday Monday and not much to do apart from a LETS meeting this evening.

A slow start but soon realised that I had a 2 foot high pile of paperwork to sort out as I got a phone call from my agent saying I hadn't returned a couple of bits of paperwork, so I had a good sort through and found them, signed and bunged in his envelope, and found three other things to send back, some phone calls to make, envelopes to tear up (plastic windows out, rest in compost) and spent til about 3pm doing this.

But I hate paperwork and needed to get out into the garden to do some more management... weeding, loading the Compostumbler, and later, planting this year's Jack Edwards Climbing Pea Beans, the best-tasting and heavy cropping green beans in the world! They'll be ready to plant out by the beginning of June and be giving us beans by July.

Just before 7 I came in for a quick tea and at 7.20 headed out for this month's YorkLETS meeting. This was well attended, well chaired by Ben, almost certainly well minuted by Lynne, and contributions from Helen, Jill, Will, David, Ann and myself. We discussed the constitution, AGM, fundraising, next newsletter, Lynn's socials past and future and lots more. It was SUCH a good meeting that some of us didn't want to go so we stayed back and had another half and a good ol' chin-wag. What a lovely bunch of people.

Collected some Freeccled stuff off Lynne before she went, and then on the way back home collected a pallet from outside Country Fresh. Got in just before 11.


James said...


Are you aware, you are picked up by this website everyday.



Compost John said...

Yes, I invited them to have my blog RSSed (I think!) some time ago, it's an excellent site for catching up with lots of 'green' bloggers.