Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sunday 1st February 09

Another morning with initial aggro followed by loveliness! Gill and I had a lie-in after breakfast whilst the boyos peacefully watched some TV programme, and then they went on the computer.

I came down for 10.30 and filled the log baskets and got changed into my very-cold-weather performance clothes, watched a bit of Countryfile and set off so I could be in town for midday, my first appointment with the Residents' Festival.

This first midday gig was quite quiet, but after a while I did get a bit of an audience and the show went swimmingly. The second show, at 2pm, was excellent although it was getting colder and there were flurries of snow, and the last one, at 4, was just a workshop with a handful of people, some of whom had come to the previous shows and wanted to have another chance to try stuff out. My handler, Stuart, was very happy with what I'd done and told me the cheque would be with me by the end of the week.

As I left at 5pm, the blizzard started and it was really quite difficult to cycle because I could hardly see where I was going! However, I did make a planned stop at Country Fresh and picked up a couple of sacks of compostables.

When I got in, Alison was at home, sorting out her share of the SUMA order... quite a substantial share... nuts, seeds, washing liquid, pasta sauce and pesto. Yummy mix!

Gill had created a yummy mix of parsnip, broccoli, roast potatoes and assorted garnishes. Not bad at all!

A very quiet evening, I'm shattered as I've done 3 one-hour shows and six trips in and out of town with all my gear on the trailer...

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