Friday, 20 February 2009

Friday 20th February 09

A long lie-in as went to bed at 3am. Got up at midday and there was a knock at the door, a neighbour offering me some wood. She described it as an old fence... I asked if it had been treated and she said, yes, tannalised, but I went to have a look anyway. It wasn't treated, it was oak, which doesn't need treating as it lasts for ages without. The fence was in pieces, ready to be put back together and used. They just want rid of it and were wondering whether to skip it. It will be reused not burned! I had a nice chat with the couple about quite a few things, including their enormous fir tree which has looked unwell for the past year. It may have to come down... which will be a pity as it is a good habitat for birds. and it sways beautifully in the breeze and I can see it from lying in bed!

Lunch and a quiet afternoon... Gill had a snooze and the boys played on the computer... I let them have a long time and then invited them to do some homework.... which after a while, and a bit of noisy protest, they did do! Wonderful. Why the fuss?

I popped down to Country Fresh before it closed and also Freshways, then stayed in the garden til dark, piling stuff on the current hot heap.

Gill made tea, cauliflower based, very nice.

Watched an excellent Natural World programme on BBC2, called The Future of Farming.
Well worth a watch (BBC iPlayer available til 17th March 09)

Later in the evening, Gill and I watched the film of Sex and the City, a DVD she bought for £3 from the local Blockbusters, an ex-rental copy. Good re-use!

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