Monday, 6 October 2008

Sunday 5th October 08

Very busy day at Beverley Food Festival, did an announcement just before the opening ceremony and then started my Fiddlesticks stuff, did a 10am to 12.15 slot. I had a constant companion who did lots of activities and kept on coming back to do more. I don't usually name children in this blog but Celiene has asked to appear 'in print' as she was proud of her progress and perseverence, and so was I. I think she'll do well in the field of circus if she keeps up the practice. Her company made my day.

I did another Fiddlesticks hour after lunch and at 2pm made my way to the Market Cross to deliver a talk on composting to children... but the advertising hadn't been that good and no-one turned up. A group of Morris dancers came on and I did another composting talk after that, with 7 children who all knew quite a lot about recycling and composting which was good... I asked questions and they knew most of the answers! I went back to do another 30 mins devilstick workshops before going for my bus soon after 4pm.

Glad to get home!

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