Friday, 31 October 2008

Friday 31st October 08

Got up between 8 and 9 and lit the stove from the embers of last night, to give a little bit of extra heat to the two 6 gallon cans of bathwater which have been sitting on it overnight. Then had a shave, bath and hair wash as working this afternoon.

The gig went OK.... not an easy one as it was in a nursery, based at the DEFRA buildings alongside the River Foss. So lots of very young children, too young really to enjoy my show to the full, but still plenty of enthusiasm and participation. After the circus show they had a bit of a dance and then party tea... and I made all of them a balloon model.

Was back soon after 4pm, via Country Fresh, to a relatively peaceful house. Gill had made pumpkin pasties for tonight's party that the boys have been invited to.

Our youngest wasn't feeling very well and I don't like Trick or Treating, and these days I'm not much into parties either, so I stayed in with him and Gill went out with our eldest. They had a lovely time and we had a quiet but fine time.

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