Monday, 27 October 2008

Monday 27th October 08

Woke up soon after 6 thinking about Dexter's artwork and how I'd like it to look, but also with a headache and running nose, so came down and lit the stove off last night's embers and had a hot chocolate and paracetamol.

I didn't go back to bed as intended but mooched around and was generally around as the family got up, and all was happy and pleasent until suddenly it wasn't, with the word 'bored' being bandied around. No-one wanted to go on a cycle ride with me and eventually, after lunch, Gill took them to the Tang Hall Library to find a couple of books each. They get through so many!

I did a little bit of garden work, sawing little logs (with bowsaw), splitting a couple of rounds with my axe and then cutting up a big pile of sticks with secateurs into three potato sacks. These will dry easily and be kindling for future stoves.

Not too bad an evening, although there were several huge outbursts which we took in our stride.

After the children went to bed, I did my paid blog on a good website called Worldometers and draught-excluding snakes, see for today's entry.

Still sniffly this evening, so took it easy, stayed warm.

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