Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tuesday 26th August 08

Awoken just after 9 by one of my sons yelling at the top of his voice 'I can't find my underpants'... such are the joys of parenting.
However I'm glad that I woke up then as I had a gig at 10 at York College, the other side of town, so I hurriedly wolfed my muesli and brushed my hair for Gill to re-plait it, loaded up my trusty steed and by 9.35 was on my merry way, in costume so no delays at the other end.

Got to the college on the dot of 10, my first time in the new building so no idea where to go but the Out of School Club leader came down to meet me and took some of my gear upstairs, I locked my bike and brought the rest in, and withing 5 mins was starting my show for 18 young people.

Both shows went well and at middayish we were finishing and I left a handwritten invioce for them to send me a cheque soon.

Home via the Building Society to put in two cheques from Sunday and Monday, and the Country Fresh shop to pick up two large boxes of recyclables meaning I was quite overloaded coming up Heslington Road. Late lunch, lit the stove so I can wash up, emails and out into the garden to sort the boxes into compostables, edibles and dryables. Gill took the boys to friends and went on into town to get about £200 worth of uniform for our eldest who's going to his secondary school next week.

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