Sunday, 17 August 2008

Thursday 14th August 08

Another day on the beach... this time reused the rocks and boulders which we excavated from the sand where they had been burried by the tide and made a cairn, aided by our German friends who joined us at about 11am. Our creation was well-admired by many passers-by, several took a photo so if we're lucky, I'll get an image or two of it emailed to me. I will attempt to put that in this blog which so far has been just text.

When it started raining we went back to the cottage and when ready, walked up to the Museum and Art Gallery, which was excellent! Spent ages there.

Ate tea with them back at our place and some of us went for a walk to the Abbey (well, up the steps to the church) and then out to the harbour defences.

They cycled away again at 8.30ish, and later Gill and I had another game of Scrabble.

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