Sunday, 17 August 2008

Friday 15th August 08

Last full day in Whitby.. so we spent most of it on the beach!!!

Another arty creation again, after extracting as many boulders out of the sand as we could. I made a wall plus various uprights out of wooden bits, with seaweed decorations. Again, lots of admiration from other beach-users. When the tide came in so far that we had to leave the bit of beach we were using, we watched the incoming tide from a vantage-point and laughed at other tourists getting their belongings wet with incoming waves. I had a good chat with a visitor called Hilary.

In the evening I watched all of Gardeners World as I tidied up and got things ready for going home tomorrow.

Game of Scrabble which Gill won, which was good. I'm glad she sometimes beats me.

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