Monday, 25 August 2008

Monday 25th August 08

Bank Holiday Monday... which means I'm working!

So an early start, up at 7.15 to be at Woodlands MS Respite Care Centre over the road for 8.15 where there was the MS Society minibus awaiting to take me and the volunteers to the event at Allerthorpe Park. We had quite an animated chat on the way... a pair of regular volunteers from one of the MS shops, and several French or French speaking people, Simon and Pierre, and a lovely Pakistani PhD-er doing cancer protein stuff called Rubab. They were working on the stall or in the carpark.

Helped get the gazebos up and was shown my place between a clothes stall and a chip van. 10am came and I put my hat on and slowly got into character; soon there were plenty of interested people who wanted to try out devilsticks or juggling. One young teenager, Mark, spent lots of the day trying out the unicycle and by the end of the day at 4pm had mastered it... brilliant! Several other people had learned to juggle and everybody seemed to have had fun. I'd had a MS Society collecting tin hanging on a post near me and had asked for donations for balloon animals, so raising some cash for the charity.

And I had fun AND got a cheque!

Home in the minibus, got in before 5 and the house was empty but pizza dough was proving on top of one of the still-warm 5 gallon pans of water on top of the stove. I got changed (I'd travelled in costume) and did some shredding in the garden, more hedge prunings to add to the hot tumbler...

Gill and the boys came in, they'd been to Fulford Show and stopped over at Melody and Simon's house on the way back.

Lovely home-made pizza for tea with home-grown tomato and cucumber salad.

Tried my first game of Literati on Yahoo during the evening, as an alternative to Scrabulous but it's not as good.

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NGUYEN Hoang Nguyen said...

Hello John, I'm Win(Nguyen), the Vietnamese-French student who works for Woodlands Charity Shop and learned juggle this day. You are kind and enthusiast. Nice to meet you!