Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Wednesday 12th December 07

A lovely start to the day, Gill and I were able to spend some time together.

I finished my column on how to bring up kids in a low carbon manner... not easy to fit this into 550 words.

I got an email from the Alley Cats saying it was not them who had posted silly comments to my blog. I apologised for blaming them, and explained about my show being an hour and only being given 45 mins, which caused one of the problems of my over-running and them starting before I'd finished.

I hope that this calms things down. I have checked the wording of my post for Sunday to ensure it doesn't 'libel' them!

I got a very nice message back, accepting my apologies and explanation, which felt good as I don't enjoy conflict and don't want anybody to have un-necessary bad feelings about me or my lifestyle.

During the afternoon I got a visit from Friedmann who was returning the Humanure Handbook, and the evening's highlights were having Gill's home-made pizza, with a tomato/onion topping I made, and enjoying Pink Floyd on telly.

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