Thursday, 6 December 2007

Thursday 6th December 07

A slow start but then got busy and did some piling stuff up on my latest heap and did a load of organising for my busy working weekend, a day in Castle Howard and then a day in Beverley... lots of travelling!

I also sorted out my future 'telephony provider' as I'm currently on dialup using BT but route all my other calls through The Phone Co-op as they have a hand gadget which allows me to divide up my outgoing calls into Professor Fiddlesticks, LETS, AVP, Green Party, personal, etc by using 'cost centre coding' and this splits up my bill so I can clain my Fiddlesticks expenses and, if I wanted, claim expenses from the various organisations I do phoning for. So I'm going to have The Phone Co-op for my line provider and get broadband.

I got our youngest at 3.15 and cycled down again for 4.15 for the older one, then off to Cubs with him, in the pouring rain, at 6pm. Had a pint with Pete whilst Cubs was on and then went back to see Jo with him before getting back to Cubs and collecting my larger cub and cycling home.

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