Monday, 3 December 2007

Monday 3rd December 07

Quite a good day but didn't get as much done as I wanted. I got the children to school, as Gill's feeling poorly. I took a long time to write my paid blog, did it on the recent experience of recieving a chain email with some incorrect information, which I then researched and found out the truth and then sent this information out to the other recipients of the chain, and back up the chain towards the originators.

I got a reply from one of the people up the chain with a bit of a reaction, so I replied and the answer I got made me very happy,as he said that he'd check the validity of the info if he was in a similar position again, rather than just relying on knowing the sender.

So I wrote about this and also the forthcoming climate march on Saturday which I cannot go to as I'm working at Castle Howard.

So I did write this piece, but then Gill reminded me that I had to deliver a sack of compost to someone in Heworth so I rang and did that, then found a skip with a load of apple branches in it which I filled my trailer with, then went to Morrisons (as a shopper today!) to get some goats cheese for Gill, and on the way home got waylaid by my friend ol' John, who told me all the gory details about his recent operation on his kidney... using local anaesthetic and the natural opening... not a very comfortable thing to hear about. But glad he's still with us!

Late lunch and did a little bit of outside stuff before getting the kids and then continued outside until dark. Then I fairly quickly typed in my blog into Community Care and had tea with Gill, then went to my LETS meeting. This was good, amongst friends who value my skills.... I was asked to chair the meeting, and there was a new member there and her partner, who were interested in how the system worked.

As an AOB I told them all about my experience last week at the Maudsley, and my friend A (I've learnt to keep some people's identity private if I don't know if they're happy to appear in my blog!) said she knew I wasn't ADHD the day she met me, and told me that when she first met me, I behaved inappropriately and she thought 'I never want to meet this man again' but then thought 'maybe he's got Aspergers' and gave me a chance... she also said that in her opinion, I'd got a lot better and was losing the condition/syndrome. I suggested that I had actually done a lot of learning about how to read others' expressions and body language and how to behave appropriately, and she agreed that that would have the same effect of lessening my negative impact on other people. I was happy to hear this and share the info.

Home via Ben and Gill who gave me some spare hot chocolate which they have found is surplus to requirements, and a fair swap for the yoghurts I gave them last month.

Watched a bit of TV with Gill on flooding and climate change, on C4+1.

Blogged and chatted with K who seems to be having computer problems and has gone offline mysteriously.

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