Saturday, 1 December 2007

Sunday 1st December 07

Good day. I spent nearly all of the day doing garden stuff, cutting back brambles mostly. The current year's fruiting stems need to be removed, and the main stalk is best shredded, the side stems are cut off and put on a compost heap as a fibre-rich layer, between fruit and veg bits which will rot fast and help the blackberry rot down. I also shredded some bark from the recently split logs, and added this too, under a layer of veg 'resources' which have been sitting in a potato sack for several days.

The boys had a visitor during the afternoon which kept things happy, and we all had a lovely day.

Gill made a nutloaf for tea and we had sweet potatoes, UK potatoes and York carrots alongside it. Gill also made a very good microwave ginger cake pudding thing. Only takes a couple of minutes! Same length of time to eat it too!

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