Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Weds 18th April 07

A nice day. Was rung quite early by a Press photographer wanting another photo, because they're going to run a story about composting human bodies, so I said that now was fine and in 20 mins the chap was here. He got a series of photos and was off in 30 minutes, and then it was time for me to go to my dental appointment next to the Minster, a brief clean. I was very happy to hear that I am looking after my teeth well and they required less scaling and polishing than usual, and was told to rebook in 6 months.

Home via Sainsbury's (got a new toothbrush and a 3 for 2 toothpaste offer!) and then Richard at the fruit shop, lunch and a good chunk of afternoon in the garden, more riddling. 3pm came oh so quickly, so picked up the kids and they cycled home very quickly. Then went into town again to see Pauline and go to Out of This World. Pauline had asked me to come and try her new Freecycled bowsaw out on some skip wood she'd retrieved for her Clearview stove, and the saw turned out to be very good... it had a blade protector and was sharp and quick to cut. I also helped her with a couple of composting jobs, and was rewarded with a delicious Magnum ice cream and our usual friendly banter. OOTW had about 15kg of stuff for me and it went on the trailer no problem alongside Pauline's prunings.

Home again, had a good tea of pumpkin and cauliflower with cheese sauce plus two past sell by date 'sea cakes', tofu and seaweed thingies from you know where... another cheap and fulfilling meal cooked entirely on the woodstove (well, all the stuff I cooked).

Made up my muesli, using organic muesli base from the 10 kg bag from Suma and a generous mix of home-dried apple, banana, pineapple, nectarine, kiwi and raisins, home grown pumpkin seeds toasted and popped on the stove, and brazil nuts, supporting sustainable forestry in Amazonia, and a treat, yoghurt-covered raisins.... what a delicious muesli. I eat this twice a day, first thing and last thing...

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