Saturday, 21 April 2007

Friday 20th April 07

Awoke very early when Gill go up but went back to sleep again, and slept til after 9 when Gill woke me to say bye, as she was off to Scarborough with Simon who's got a car, to visit Uncle Tom and help him vacate his flat so he can stop paying rent for it as well as the care home he now lives in. Fortunately that's in Scarborough too, so he'll not lose his friends or the places he knows so well, but he's giving up his computer and lots of his personal posessions. This must be really difficult, a sort of forced downsizing, preparing to spend his last days/months/years in a small room, with much more stuff being done for him after such an active and independent life.

It makes recieving his computer feel really sad, not a good feeling at all. So I got up and lit the stove and got water for a big wash-up, my late-night blogging and google-chatting means I am not doing the washing up in the evening so much, as I used to. I spent an hour or so doing housework and dealing with Fiddlesticks enquiries, then tore into town for my compostables pick up, which now includes, once a week, Miller's Yard Healthy living Centre on Gillygate. Nice chat with Dylan there, he is such a calm, chilled guy, even in the face of my high energy bouncyness!

Spent loads of time in the garden and then went to get the boys at 3. Gill back when we arrived in, with a big pile of Uncle Tom's stuff and tales of a frustrating and tough day.

Simple tea of vegetable omlette and bread. One more foody thing, our milk delivery (in reusable pint bottles) has stopped as our milkman is very ill in hospital and the couple have decided to sell the round. We are missing these deliveries, as now we have to get all our milk in plastic bottles, which although recyclable, are not nearly as 'green' and low impact as reusable glass ones. I know cow's milk isn't the greenest choice, and I wish we could get soya milk in reusable glass, delivered, maybe with the next milk delivery (optomist!). We did ask our previous one but he said it wasn't available. Hope we get a new delivery soon, and hope Graham the ex milko gets well again.

After tea did some more outdoor stuff and found a pile of plant pots requested by a nearby Freecycler, cycled them round to her.

Enjoyed the one-hour Gardeners World with Gill, but then she fell asleep and I spent a long time on the computer. Intense and fun times with friend in America over the net... really good to be back in touch and sharing our lives again.

Bath after midnight, with all the hot water heated on the woodstove.... wonderful and luxurious, and 'low carbon', low fossil carbon anyway.

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