Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Wednesday 25th April 07

An excellent day, perhaps a little full, but towards the end of it was feeling really good, as I have achieved a lot today.

Got up as usual as the children were about to leave for school, and by the time Gill had got back I had justabout done my blog from yesterday, which I didn't feel like doing yesterday night...

Then went to visit my good friend Edward Harland, who is a little bit famous for writing a book called 'Eco Renovation' which explains various ways that houses can be improved to make them more eco-friendly, sustainable, low impact, low carbon, cheaper to heat, etc etc. It's a good book. He is running a project called Oasis which is connected with sustainability and wellbeing, and wanted to ask me some questions for inspiration and ideas, I think. We always get on well and connect brilliantly, I hope my visit was of some use to him.

Cycled back via Out Of This World and Oxfam (for Cafe Direct fair trade coffee big tub) and another friend for a quick coffee and met one of her friends Illaria, who was nice.

Then back in time for lunch and some housework and then oh so soon, off to school to pick up the boys. They'd had a good day and I was ok to go and do a bit of compost heap management, finishing off yesterday's turning from one dalek to another, and putting a fresh layer on the big hot heap.

Made my own tea on the woodstove.... leek and tomato with chunks of tempeh, a sour but tasty fermented soya bean sausage, with potatoes and lottie broccoli, and salad.

A productive evening because I managed to start the Green Festival Blog, the address of which is and email address is which my mate Simon has sorted out for us. Nice one Simon!

Also had another lovely googletalk chat, am really enjoying this. However got finished before midnight, amazing!

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