Monday, 16 April 2007

Monday 16th April 07

Last day of the Easter Holidays for the children, and I wanted to do something nice with them. However our youngest still hadn't finished his homework, which was doing a diary of the fortnight's holiday, so I told him we could do something if he was finished by midday. However he was still working on it mid afternoon so we didn't go out, just stayed at home.

I went quickly into town to do my compostables pick up, also popped into Banks Music Shop to get a book of 'teach yourself piano' for the boys, both of whom enjoy messing about on the piano we have got on long term loan from a friend.

I spent much of the afternoon in the garden, had a visit from Jules the Freecycler who has a shared interest in logs, stoves, composting etc, who was delivering some spent hops from a brewery in ?Harrogate (they've advertised them on Freecycle) and was picking up a petrol chainsaw I had bought off a friend who has become disabled and cannot use it. Jules will swop it for a log delivery, I owe my friend some pruning of his eucalyptus tree. A funny non-currency transaction triangle.

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