Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Friday 9th December 11

Woke feeling a bit better.  But my headache was still present all day, but fortunately it didn't stop me doing stuff.  I did quite a bit of log stacking, and took some compostables down the garden.

I got two cheques in the post (hooray!) and cycled to town via St Nicks to collect my Apple Day cheque, and then went to the building society to put them all in.

I collected two bags of compostables from Country Fresh, and apologised to Rich for not being able to come and support him tonight at his gig.

I sorted out some of the last of the pears... there are hardly any good ones left, which is a real pity. I've only been able to save perhaps half of them, and storing them in drawers was a mistake as most of the fruit had gone rotten.  I think they need the more open containers, stacking fruit trays.  It's quite upsetting to see dozens and dozens of delicious winter pears just turned to slop, especially after all the work picking them.  But I prepared another couple of rack-fulls of halved pears, and stoked the stoves... combining keeping the house warm with preserving pears.

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