Thursday, 26 April 2012

Saturday 10th December 11

A good day, feeling completely recovered, no headache!

Woke at 9.30 and felt sprightly, got busy around the house but was quietly looking forward to the LETS party at Maryvonne's at 2pm.

I'd helped organise this as whenever I post a message from the YorkLETS website inviting members to come to the regular monthly meeting, Maryvonne often replies, saying sorry she can't come as she's busy somewhere.  So when we were thinking about how to include Maryvonne with LETS in some way, someone suggested asking her to host our Christmas Party.

It was a good party, with a mix of LETS people and some of Maryvonne's friends.  There were a couple of children who were happy with some balloons.  When it drew to a close, I walked Debra home, which meant she didn't need to walk into town to get a taxi.

A very enjoyable event.  

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