Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Saturday 3rd December 11

Well, slept well and woke at about 8, in good time for breakfast at 8.30.  Had cereal and a full veggie breakfast... hash browns, beans, scrambled egg, tomato, mushrooms and sausages. And coffee.  Then went to re-arrange the 'family room' where I thought I was due to do my show at 10.30... but I hadn't been provided with a programme, which said start at 10.  So I got down there at 10.15 to find an audience already waiting!  Whoops.

However, 2 minutes later the show was happening and it went really well, loads of interaction and fun.  At 11 I stopped and joined Father Christmas on his wander down to the Dock, where I was due to do my balloon show at midday in the Old Coastguard Station.  I went upstairs when it was vacated and blew up a unicycle wheel full of balloons.  I did just the right number for the people who turned up... amazing!

The balloon show went well and after this we just enjoyed being in Robin Hoods Bay.  

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