Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tuesday 6th December 11

I woke slowly at about 9 and got up and did some housework, and we got ready to go out to the National Railway Museum to meet my parents. They came over on the train, and Gill and our eldest (on his day off school) went to the station by bus.... I cycled down a bit later and met up at the NRM.

We all ate in the 'Brief Encounters' restaurant, which was really nice, and wandered round both halls for an hour or so, before walking into town where I suggested they might want to meet David.  I popped in to see if he was visitable and was pleased to meet Richard, his cousin, and yes they were happy to have visitors.

Gill and our eldest went to pick up our youngest and my parents and I chatted for half an hour with David and Richard.  I then left my folks in town, and cycled home. I then did an hour or more chainsawing and splitting, before it got too dark to continue.

At 6pm I went to the Hull Road Ward Planning Panel at Tang Hall Library.  We dealt with some interesting and difficult applications.  One notification was a refusal for an application we discussed a few weeks ago. We had recommended refusal because the 2 story extension is too big and overshadows the neighbouring property, cutting out a lot of light and leaving their garden in permanent shade.  However, the build is already underway... it's up to the first floor already.  So either they'll appeal, or submit a revised application (single storey maybe?) but this is going to be interesting.  It is quite common for builders to start work before planning application is sought.  We discussed an application for a change of status from retail to a restaurant and take away, and several other house extensions.  I enjoy the Panel work, as we're a diverse bunch with very differing views, but we work well together.

Back home to do more washing up and then a treat, a BBC4 programme about decay, bacteria, fungi, insects and compost!  Excellent stuff.  After this, sorted out some grapes to make into raisins.

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