Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Monday 5th December 11

Up early so we could catch the 8.04 bus to Scarborough.  I'd asked the hotel staff about breakfast, and they said that cereals and toast would be available from about 7.30.  So I got all my stuff ready for 7.30 and taken downstairs, ready to go.... and we all got some breakfast.

And we got to the bus stop on time... but the bus was a few minutes late and the road to Scarborough was busy, so we missed the train which went just 3 minutes after we were due to get into Scarborough.  So we had a coffee and waited for the next train, an hour later.  Our youngest attempted to concentrate on some French homework, and I deleted emails.

I continued on the train, and got a lot, several hundred, out of my inbox and into 'trash'.  We were soon in York.  Gill put our eldest onto a bus to go towards The Stables and went home with our youngest, so he could finish his homework, and go into school this afternoon when Gill goes in to see his brother's puppet show.

I cycled home and lit both stoves to take the chill off the house, do the washing up, go buy some bread and vegetables... that sort of thing.

I sorted out some of the pears which had dried nicely whilst we were away, and halved, cored and peeled another load.  When I visited Country Fresh, I bought a job-lot of 'seconds' kiwi fruit, and I put these to dry too, as dried kiwi is really good.

At 7pm, after a really good home-made meal (much missed whilst in Robin Hoods Bay!) I cycled over to Priory St for our LETS meeting.

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